Our Team.

The extent of the Assembly of God Church Kolkata’s ministries would not have been possible without team work. Our pastors represents hundreds who are working for the AG Mission behind the scenes.

18 Services
8 Languages

First Row (L-R)

Rev. Jacob Mathew, Ps. Enosh Rai, Ps. Phillip Harris, Rev. Agnel Ramanathan, Rev. Robin Pandey, Rev. Patrick Joseph, Ps. Christopher Gnanaseelan, Rev. V. C. Georgekutty.

Second Row (L-R)

Rev. Samson Nag, Re. Phillip Lepcha, Rev. John Saramarla, Ps. Sharon White, Ps. Krishna Pitts, Arlene Graham, Ps. Cynthia Fernandez, Rev. Dr. Ivan & Sheila Satyavrata.