Please join us in prayer as we pray for our beloved nation of India and the world as we face the COVID-19 Pandemic. Given below are prayer points which we invite you to use in your personal prayer time and your online care group prayers.

  1. HEALING: God will bring healing and restoration to those who are afflicted with Covid-19. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic to stop.
  2. COMFORT & TRUST: God’s peace and comfort for all those who have lost their loved ones. People will turn to God in simple faith. Fear and panic give way to trust and hope.
  3. PROTECTION: God’s protection will be upon all health workers, elderly, sick and children. Also for doctors & nurses, police, army, delivery other essential service personnel who work tirelessly to keep us safe.
  4. PROVISION: There will be adequate availability of food, essentials and medical supplies. God’s provision for migrant workers, daily wage earners
    and the economically marginalized.
  5. FAMILY: Pray that families would be drawn closer to each other instead of feeling displaced and broken.
  6. ECONOMY: Global and national economies will be restored, and appropriate measures taken to ensure the financial stability of nations.
  7. GOVERNANCE: God’s wisdom and strength for global leaders and governments to enable them to provide wise governance during this season.
    Citizens to respect and cooperate with the measures taken by governments to stop the spread of the virus.
  8. BREAKTHROUGH: There will be a medical breakthrough in finding a cure as soon as possible. God’s peace to rule over the nations, God’s love to envelope people’s hearts and God’s name to be glorified.
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The Assembly of God Church, Kolkata - The Church with the Open Arms - was founded by Mark & Huldah Buntain over 50 years ago. Today as we look towards the future, we believe God has greater things in store for us – as we continue to extend Christ’s compassionate touch: to feed the hungry, to heal the hurting, to share hope in our world.

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